Monday, June 05, 2006

iRivers have landed; Technology up-take

The iRivers have arrived! I'm like a kid at Christmas...except now it means I really have to do something. I've given one each to myself and my two team-mates, Sue Knight and Rebecca John, with instructions to "play with them"! I'm having no trouble doing that at all.

One of the main barriers to "technology up-take" among teachers is fear. Last year I ran an inservice on using data projectors. That's a euphemism - I just showed people how to turn it on and off, how to get something on the screen etc. What struck me most was how scared people were of breaking the thing! Fair enough, when it costs a few beers to replace the lamp. But it did seem over-the-top, as if the data projector was going to launch itself across the room and smash itself to pieces if we touched the wrong button.

I'm not very comfortable yet with the iRiver. I have never operated an mp3 player before, but it seems to be pretty easy - it has a good hierarchy of functions, so that I don't get lost.

I did have a problem getting 'playlists' onto the iRiver. In Windows Media Player (WMP) you can construct playlists, which are lists of songs from different albums, put in the one place. So I have a "Favourite Classical Music" playlist. But when I transferred this playlist onto the iRiver, it split the songs up again. Go here for the solution.


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