Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Australian History introductory podcast

Yesterday, I got students to listen to a short podcast about what we're going to study in class this semester (see previous post). The students enjoyed the podcast, laughing along to my crap jokes and slightly out of date quiet in the classroom, which I'm sure would not have been the case had I attempted to say the same stuff from the front.

A couple of problems:
1. It takes time to get the podcasts onto the mp3 players. I had to ask students to drop their mp3s off at the start of recess in order to set it up. This took up the whole recess, mainly because there is a variety of synchronising methods (WMP, iTunes, folder transfer). Having students download the podcast themselves doesn't really work: not all of them have internet connections at home, and if done at school, all the school computers would need WMP and iTunes...which they don't. In addition, students would need internet credit at the school...many of them don't.

2. Some basic mp3 players simply plonk the track onto the top of hundreds of other songs. Unlike iRivers and iPods, they don't sort songs into artists, albums, genres etc. So students had to scroll through tracks until they found the right track...frustrating!

Overall though, I'm really happy with how it went.


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