Monday, July 17, 2006

Local history interviews

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Bendigo
Podcasts on history need interesting details, and so in search of that I went out with my iRiver and interviewed Bendigo's local custodians of the various places students will visit on their iHistory tour. Pat Dyball at the Joss House, John Duffin at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Shirley at the Tramways museum, Ross Simmons at the Old Bendigo Gaol, Jim Evans of the Bendigo Historical Society and Bev from the Eaglehawk Heritage Society.

It's amazing the extra stuff you can know after 30 minutes of talking with an expert...the iRiver was fantastic as they pick up voice very well, and I'm able to go back over the interviews and glean stuff to use in the podcasts. I'm thinking of using excerpts from the interviews in the podcasts themselves...permission is needed I'm sure.

Did you know that most gothic cathedrals (such as Sacred Heart) have a Devil's Pillar on the outside...?


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