Monday, August 14, 2006

GTAV II - iHistory in geography

This post, unlike the last, does actually relate to iHistory. I went to a workshop at the conference yesterday on using movies, music, podcasts etc in geography. Eleanor Richards from The Kilmore International School uses all these in her (very) successful attempts to engage students in geography using media and technology with which they are thoroughly conversant.

Interesting, as it is more difficult to use this technology in geography classes because it is not a literary discipline.

History is directly concerned with primary sources such as diaries, journals, newspapers, books etc. These are all concerned with words and the significance of those words. History uses non-literary sources but as word suggests, it about telling a hiSTORY. Movies, music and podcasts are all 'wordy' sources.

Geography is about places and people, as well as the interaction between them. The primary source is the land. Words can be written about this source, but they are after the fact.

So, it requires an extra leap of creativity to use popular movies, music and podcasts to teach geography.


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